Pohutakawa Tree

Dashwood D Dark

Care and Respect For Our Precious Environment


Dashwood embraces the natural beauty of the coastlines and unique flora and fauna that are synonymous with New Zealand.

Taking inspiration from the native Pohutukawa that flowers in summertime along New Zealand’s coastlines, our wines embody the care and respect we have for our precious environment.


Sustainability Matters

Glass Hands

Bottles Made From Recycled NZ Glass

In an industry dominated by coal-powered glass produced in China, we have chosen to bottle our wines in New Zealand, using New Zealand-sourced, recycled glass, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our local industry.


Sugarcane Labels

Our labels are made from sugarcane, a highly renewable material that utilizes an abundant by-product.

Vav Solar

Solar Energy

Over 50 solar energy panels on our winery roof drastically reduces our use of energy from the main grid and even give back to the main grid when we produce more than we need ourselves.


Sheep Grazing

We use nature’s lawnmowers ensuring our wines are better for the environment and taste better too. Reducing our need to mow the grass with tractors which use diesel. Our sheep also do a great job of providing natural fertilizer for our vines.